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Are you looking for the complete list of LearnPress Shortcodes?

LearnPress is the top #1 WordPress LMS plugin that you can quickly download on WordPress.org. It’s a great solution for creating, managing, and selling online courses with simple clicks. Of course, if you have LearnPress, you’ll have a chance to build online education, online school, and online course websites without coding knowledge. Also, Eduma or Coaching is a famous WordPress Education Theme that works perfectly with LearnPress. You can check it out if you plan to create an online education website, it will never disappoint you.

You can refer to our guide on How To Install WordPress Plugins if you are a newbie too.

Because of its famous platform, LearnPress also comes with numerous shortcodes to display functions related to the plugin or to add dynamic content to the WordPress editor.

Before going to share with you a full list of all LearnPress shortcodes, let’s take a quick view of what shortcodes are in WordPress and how you can use the theme effectively as well!

What are WordPress shortcodes? – LearnPress Shortcode

WordPress shortcodes are similar to a shortcut that is written in 2 square brackets like [shortcode]. It’s used to add more features to your site. In addition, you can customize the shortcodes easily like the way you want since WordPress is an open-source platform. The advantage of these shortcuts is that to help you embed the things you need on your website without knowing the details about the underlying code.


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